Efoodsdirect.com Website Review & Ratings + eFoodsDirect Coupons
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Efoodsdirect.com Website Review & Ratings + eFoodsDirect Coupons

eFoods Direct is a website where people can buy bulk-packed, long-term storable food in raw form that they can prepare themselves, or ready-to-eat meals that just require a pan of boiling water.

The primary benefits are

  • All the meals are natural and nutritional, and easy to prepare
  • It cuts out having to stand for hours in a supermarket queue
  • There is no need to look at every label before you buy to see if there are any unhealthy ingredients
  • There are a variety of different packages to suit every need.
eFoodsDirect: What makes it different?

The good thing about eFoodsDirect is you can buy enough food to last a long time, which is very convenient if you have a low budget. It does mean you will never run out of food.

The best things are

  • There is plenty of choice so you can find exactly what you need.
  • The products are all natural and healthy
  • They require little preparation
  • Ideal for country expeditions, hiking, camping, even the beach with a small primus stove
eFoodsDirect vs. primary competitors (sites similar to eFoodsDirect)

I searched the web to find a similar company and I have to say that I think eFood Direct is unique. I found several natural pet food sites, several health stores sites which sold pills and potions, but no other site that sold packaged meals.

The only site I did find was Buy Natural Food USA This is a compilation site which tells customers where they can buy fruit, nuts, oils, seafood, meat and cheese, vegetables, garlic, herbs.

But from this site you are directed to several different sites to order whatever products you require. I found it much more convenient to find everything on one site at eFood Direct

eFoodsDirect: Product images & screenshots
eFoodsDirect Coupons
Get Free Shipping on 3-Month Food Supply Orders @ eFoodsDirect
eFoodsDirect: Detailed review

eFood Direct was started because the owners were concerned soon there may not be enough raw materials to make food from.  The company claim they can solve every food problem people face in this current climate.

My first impression of this site was that it was very beautiful and tempted my taste buds. I was a bit sceptical when I went to the "Why Food" page and started reading statements like "Legislation to prevent gardening is being proposed" and references to Christians searching the Book of Revelations and I wondered "Are these people real or cranks? Then I read on. 

eFood Direct offers a great service and I only wish it were available in the UK. People are much more health conscious these days, and in a global recession they are also worried about not being able to afford daily food. There are rumours that global warning will be used to control crop fertilization and rising taxes are putting a lot of farmers out of business.

eFood Direct has two different types of products.  The Direct Garden Fresh Pastry is natural food that has been de-hydrated and packaged in raw form. A cup of their carrots cooks and tastes just like normal carrots, and you don't have to peel and cut them. They come in  Freedom and Liberty units that will supply customers with carrots for one year.

To create their new Nutriveral product the company took health food ingredients and blended them into their own proprietary recipes to created ready-to-eat meals that taste like gourmet food.

Customers can purchase bulk-packed long-term storable food in raw form that they prepare themselves. These comes in packs of 10 tins in the Garden Fresh Pantry Freedom and Liberty range and is enough to last for a year.

Alternatively there are the ready-to-eat meals that only need a pan of boiling water. The meals simmer for 10-20 minutes and include high-quality ingredients which are easy to prepare and taste very good. They come from the Nutriversal range and are packed in convenient-sized portions, so they are ideal for camping, hunting and fishing trips as well as other activities.

The most valuable things about this site are

  • The variety of packages on offer ranging from weekly, fortnightly or monthly supplies to food that will last for a year.
  • The different products on offer from breakfasts, delicious bread, soups, entrees, snacks and drinks
  • All the products are made from natural ingredients and are 100% healthy.
  • The company is so convinced once you have tasted their food you will be hooked for life, so customers can receive 6 quick-fix meals free as a taster.

A number of satisfied customers have left testimonials on the site

  1. Wow, the food was de-lish. Loved the tropical fruit medley, also the chicken and dumplings was something wonderful. I actually feel better after eating your meals compared with regular food dishes. Ivan J. CO
  2. Your meals are incredibly easy and quick to prepare and taste wonderful! I'll definitely come to you again in the future. Jake S. TX
  3. In March, while preparing for a camping trip, we purchased several 7-day Responders. The meals were the highlight of our trip - quick and easy to prepare and tasted great. Last week my husband lost his job and I can't believe to tell you how comforting it was to find two months worth of your meals left over from our trip. I am telling all my friends to get your 7-day Responders. Jennifer P. TX
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Comments (3)

eFoodsDirect is an emerging service and this article describes it well.

John Cleveland

Try this - call Catherine at the USDA and ask her where the USDA stamp is on the eFoods packaging. Since they label the package as "Chicken and Rice" just ask her what is required and why there is no USDA inspection on the eFoods package.

Catherine Budak, Food Technologist

Labeling and Program Delivery Division

Office of Policy and Program Development, FSIS/USDA

Telephone: (301) 504-0878

Ask Catherine if any package that uses the word "Chicken" is required to have chicken in it. Ask if an inspection is required. Ask why eFoods does not have those inspections.

Then contact your attorney and ask about truth in advertising, truth in labeling, full disclosure, misrepresentation, deceptive trade practices, false advertising, wire fraud, mail fraud, etc.

Then ask your attorney to search for other lawsuits against eFoods Direct and eFoods Global.

Also check out eFoods Global, their MLM company. Is there so much mark up in their food that they can pay 7 or more people commissions every time you buy food?

If everything checks out, then jump on the MLM program. If not, you'll be glad you did your homework. You might even get your money back or make some money on a class action lawsuit.

At least you will be able to make a smart decision.

Food packaging and direct delivery to customers is an emerging business and in the fast moving world all people will like this service.

Customer Reviews
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eFoodsDirect 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Roberta Baxter — 62 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“efoodsdirect customer”

Wide variety of assorted food items with all the great advantages this review states. Try the sample for $9.95 to see how huge the portions are and how good tasting the food really is. I recommend efoodsdirect to everyone.

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