Wise Foods vs. eFoodsDirect vs. Food Insurance: Emergency Food Storage Review
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Wise Foods vs. eFoodsDirect vs. Food Insurance: Emergency Food Storage Review

Depending on the length of time you are preparing for and the selection of foods you would like to have, any of these three services may suit you. Wise Food Storage offers meals that are especially suitable for outdoor trips. eFoodsDirect tends to have the largest selection and best deals. Food Insurance offers an affordable all vegetarian option.
Covered in this report
Wise Food Storage — Best Features
All food comes in airtight Mylar pouches.
The buckets the pouches are stored in have special lids and bottoms for snapping together when you stack them.
Best for: Those who want to use the compact pouches and buckets for easy storage for tighter spaces and shelving.
eFoodsDirect — Best Features
This services tends to be the cheapest and best value of the deals.
They provide the largest selection of types of foods and drinks.
Best for: Those who use these meals for regular meals and want variety in what they eat.
Best deal: Free Shipping on 3-Month Food Supply Orders - [activate coupon]
Food Insurance — Best Features
In the larger packages, extra items like first aid and cooking kits are included.
If you prefer freeze-dried meals, all of their foods are freeze-dried, and none are dehydrated.
Best for: Those who want to prepare their meals on the go using the kits that come with some of the packages.
Best deal: Free Emergency Kit With Purchase of Long Term Supply - [activate coupon]

When natural disasters strike, or when you’re preparing for a camping or hunting trip, the ease, convenience, and quality of food storage become increasingly important. Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are the latest and, to-date, most reliable source of emergency and outdoor food stocks—something of an insurance policy that can offer you peace of mind.

No matter how major or minor the event or emergency might be, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family have an abundance of our most important natural resource—food. Three major companies—Wise Food Storage, eFoodsDirect, and Food Insurance— contribute to this food storage industry.

Why Would I Need Food Storage?

Food storage can be helpful in a variety of situations, but three reasons stand out as the most important:

  • In case of a natural disaster
  • To go camping/hiking/fishing/hunting/etc
  • In need of quick, easy, and easy-to-store meals

Easy to make, easy to store, these meals can provide sustenance without taking up as much time, energy or room in your home, or even dorm room, and without requiring an extensive amount of work or kitchen equipment.

How Food Storage Works

These companies start out with various foods and meals and use different, careful processes to preserve them for long periods of time. The two main processes used are dehydration and freeze-drying, and which one they use depends on the type and nature of the food they are preserving. Using these methods, the food maintains its original texture, color, shape, and flavor and better retains its nutritional value. It is also condensed to take up less space and is more light-weight as a result. It only takes water to bring the food back to its original state.

  • Dehydration
    • In a drying chamber, air removes moisture from the food
  • Freeze-Drying
    • After being flash frozen, food is placed in a vacuum drying chamber to evaporate ice and remove moisture

Wise Food Storage and eFoodsDirect employ both of these techniques when creating their packaged foods, while Food Insurance only freeze-dries their products. Food Insurance’s claim is that dehydrated foods lose their flavor, texture, and nutritional content, so they only freeze-dry their products. Wise Food Storage and eFoodsDirect claim that their dehydration process does not do this. All three companies provide their food’s nutritional content on their websites.

Food Selection

The selection of foods is relatively expansive across the three services, with each one offering a few specific items or packages the others don’t. Based on your needs and tastes, you may find a certain package or service more appealing to you. You’ll find a selection of breakfasts, lunch and dinner entrees, desserts, drinks, and foods available a la carte.


Between the three services, there are a variety of breakfast items to choose:

Wise Foods

  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal
  • Crunchy Granola
  • Multi-Grain Cereal


  • Almond Coconut Granola
  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Pancake Mix
  • Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Corn Bread Muffins
  • Whole Wheat Bread

Food Storage

  • Granola with Honey & Almonds
  • Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Strawberry Creamed Wheat
  • Scrambled Eggs with Sausage
  • Chocolate Protein Shake (Meal Replacement)

The amount and selection of breakfast foods varies between the different packages; larger packages will have a larger selection, and so on. In terms of variety, Food Insurance wins out with the largest selection, which includes everything from granola and oatmeal to pancakes and scrambled eggs. Wise Food Storage and eFoodsDirect trend toward cereal, grains, and granola breakfasts, including eFoodsDirect’s supply of bakery items like biscuits, muffins, and whole wheat bread.

Lunch/Dinner Entrees

Wise Food Storage

You can also order packages of only meat or only vegetables.  The meats package includes roasted, southwest style, and teriyaki style chicken and stroganoff, cheesy, or savory roasted ground beef. The vegetables package includes corn, peas, broccoli, and green beans, and they come with their own gourmet sauces. These include mushroom, cheese, cream, and butter.


eFoodsDirect also offers several cases of soups, including chicken noodle, cheddar broccoli, corn chowder, creamy potato, Italian chicken, minestrone, pasta fagioli, potato cheddar, and tortilla. If you are looking to eat gluten-free, their gluten-free package includes several of these soups plus the cheesy chicken rice and au gratin potatoes entrees and the apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast.

Food Insurance

Food insurance also offers freeze-dried meats and vegetables in single as well as three meat and three vegetable combo pack cases.


The dessert menu leaves something to be desired among all three, but dessert is likely not at the forefront of one’s mind when it comes to food storage. Not to mention many desserts are baked or frozen, which can be difficult to preserve in the long-term. Most of the “dessert” menus among the three call for freeze-dried fruits, some with dipping sauces.

Wise Food Storage carries freeze-dried bananas, peaches, strawberries, and apples, but their fruits can also come with creamy yogurt, caramel sauce, or vanilla pudding for different dessert, or even breakfast, combinations. These are available in a 120-serving package for $149.99 and have a 20-year shelf life.

eFoodsDirect and Food Insurance both carry freeze-dried bananas, pineapple, raspberries, and strawberries. eFoodsDirect also carries blueberries and a tropical fruit medley, and Food Storage carries peaches, and all fruits are available a la carte. Food Insurance also has a four fruit combo containing 87 total servings of strawberries, bananas, peaches, and pineapple chunks for $119.99.

eDirectFoods offers chocolate and vanilla puddings in their meal packages.

Food Insurance also offers freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches a la carte in addition to jello, chocolate pudding, and a couple of other desserts included in some of the meal packages.

A La Carte

Wise Foods Storage's options only come in packages, and nothing seems to be available a la carte per se. You can order packages of just fruits, just meats, or just vegetables, which is about as specific an order as you can get.

For eFoodsDirect, cases of just about any selection of food are available a la carte. Combinations are only offered in packages ranging from weeks to months to years.

Food Insurance’s a la carte options include both single cases and combinations of various items, including drinks, vegetables, meats, and fruits. You can also order cases of ice cream sandwiches, instant white rice, and chocolate royale meal replacement shakes.


Wise Food Storage offers an Orange Delight drink mix in some of their packages.

eFoodsDirect provides #10 cans of raspberry smoothie, hot chocolate, apple drink, pineapple juice, orange/tangerine juice, and raspberry juice. You can order these in a Drink Case for $199.99. In their food supplies they also offer whey milk, grape drink, and orange drink.

Food Insurance’s drinks include white milk substitute, chocolate milk, orange drink mix, and apple drink mix, all of which are available in cases by themselves or packaged together in a four drink mix combo for $419.99. You can also order the chocolate royale meal replacement shake a la carte.


All three services offer food storage in one, three, six, and 12-month options. Below is a comparison of the three services’ one-month and 12-month packages.

One month

Wise Foods

  • 240 servings - $469.00 ($1.95/serving)
    • Two servings/day for four adults or two adults and four children
    • 120 breakfast, 96 lunch/dinner, 24 soups
  • 360 servings - $719.00 ($2.00/serving)
    • Three servings/day for four adults or two adults and four children
    • 120 breakfast, 192 lunch/dinner, 48 soups


  • 192 servings - $189.95 ($1.01/serving)
    • One adult
    • 32 breakfast, 40 soups, 36 lunch/dinner, 16 white rice, 48 drinks
  • 768 servings (Family Pack) - $669.95 ($.87/serving)
    • Four adults
    • 128 breakfast, 160 soups, 144 lunch/dinner,  64 white rice, 192 drinks, 80 desserts 

Food Insurance

  • 84 servings  - $299.99 ($3.57/serving)
    • One adult
    • 28 breakfast, 56 lunch/dinner, plus white rice and orange electrolyte drink
  • 212 servings (Vegetarian) - $249.99 ($1.17/serving)
    • 108 breakfast, 104 lunch/dinner
    • ~Two servings per day for three adults

At these packages’ prices, to feed four adults three meals per day for one month would cost $719.00 at Wise Food Storage, $669.95 at eFoodsDirect, and about $899.97 at Food Insurance (for four of their one adult one-month packages). Or, if you wanted to eat solely vegetarian, four adults could more than get by on two vegetarian packages from Food Insurance for only $499.98.

Though it is the least expensive of the three one-month options, eFoodsDirect also has the largest package of servings, and includes a wider variety of foods including more soups, rice, drinks, and desserts. Food Insurance’s Vegetarian option is technically even cheaper, though if you want meat, obviously this package will not work for you, despite its attractive price.


Wise Foods

  • 2880 servings - $4,695.00 ($1.63/serving)
    • Two servings/day for four adults or two adults and four children
    • 1440 breakfast, 1152 lunch/dinner, 288 soups
  • 4320 servings - $6995.00 ($1.62/serving)
    • Three servings/day for four adults or two adults and four children
    • 1440 breakfast, 2304 lunch/dinner, 576 soups


  • 2304 servings - $1995.95 ($.87/serving)
    • One adult
    • 384 breakfast, 480 soups, 432 lunch/dinner, 192 white rice, 576 drinks, 240 desserts
  • 9216 servings (Family Pack) - $7499.95 ($.81/serving)
    • Four adults
    • 1536 breakfast, 1920 soups, 1728 lunch/dinner, 768 white rice, 2304 drinks, 960 desserts

Food Insurance

  • 2528 servings (Basic) - $6499.99 ($2.57/serving)
    • Two servings/day for a family of 5 (two adults, three children)
    • 1264 breakfast, 1264 lunch/dinner
    • Bonus Items: Emergency Plus Kit, Two-Week Food Kit, Drink Mix Combo ($829.97 value)
  • 3792 servings (Deluxe) - $9989.99 ($2.63/serving)
    • Three servings/day for a family of 5 (two adults, three children)
    • 1264 breakfast, 2528 lunch/dinner
    • Bonus: Emergency Plus Kit, Essentials Kit, Drink Mix Combo ($869.97 value)
  • 3792 servings (Ultimate  - $13,239.79 ($3.49/serving)
    • Three servings/day for a family of 5 (two adults, three children)
    • 1264 breakfast, 2528 lunch/dinner, 2588 a la carte (fruits, veggies, meats, desserts)
    • Bonus: 1348 drink mix, 736 rice, Emergency Plus Kit, Essentials Kit ($1456.53 value)

Unlike the one-month food kits, Wise Food Storage has the least expensive 12-month package (for four adults at three servings/day) at $6995.00, followed by eFoodsDirect at $7499.95, and Food Insurance at $9989.99 for the Deluxe option. It appears that the longer the supply is needed, the cheaper Wise Foods becomes overall in comparison to its competitors.

Now, while eFoodsDirect does surpass Wise Food Storage in price at this level, eFoodsDirect also offers a much larger selection, again, of types of food and drinks, including more soups, rice, drinks, and desserts. If you don’t need those extras, then certainly go for the cheaper Wise Food Storage option. But once you factor those into the cost, eFoodsDirect still appears to have a better value in the end.

As for Food Insurance, while it is the most expensive, the package does come with its own set of goodies, particularly between the Deluxe and Ultimate options. The Deluxe, quoted among its competitors above, also includes an Emergency Plus Kit and Essentials Kit for emergency, cooking, and first aid supplies, as well as a Drink Mix Combo. The Ultimate package, at $13,239.79, includes both of the kits plus more drinks and an extensive selection of their a la carte items, such as freeze-dried fruits, veggies, meats, and desserts. Again, if you don’t need these extras, the cheaper options will suit you better, but if you do want them, it may be worth it to splurge. Overall, Food Insurance still does appear to generally be the most expensive of the three services.

How Food is Packaged and Stored

While all of the three options either dehydrate or freeze-dry most of their foods, their packaging methods can vary, particularly depending on the type of food. Wise Food Storage and eFoods Direct both use airtight pouches that are sealed in buckets or tubs for stacking purposes. eFoodsDirect, like Food Insurance, also uses #10 cans that are shipped and stored in boxes. All three services claim a shelf life of up to 25 years, though they generally recommend consuming the meals within 15 years or between 15 to 20 years.

Additional Information
eFoodsDirect Coupon Code: 3MONTHSHIP - Free Shipping on 3-Month Food Supply Orders - Activate
Food Insurance
Food Insurance Coupon Code: FREEBACKPACK - Free Emergency Kit With Purchase of Long Term Supply - Activate
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